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SCIWAY has been online for 18 years (since 1996), and our goal is to create a complete repository of everything about the Palmetto State ... the go-to source for "all things South Carolina."

SCIWAY is maintained by a small team of just three people, so we welcome contributions large and small. Nope, not money – just knowledge! Check out the list below to find out everything you can add to SCIWAY.

INTERESTING FACT: No other state has a website like SCIWAY. In fact, we often get requests to create "SCIWAYs" for other states. We have even gotten franchise requests from Ohio, Hawaii, Georgia, and North Carolina. Most other state websites are run by the government and are limited to government-type information. SCIWAY has 4,500 pages about everything from SC tourism and history ... to SC jobs, bands, and restaurants.

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