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South Carolina

South Carolina – Indians, Native Americans – Cofitachiqui

South Carolina SC Native Americans SC Indian Tribes SC Cofitachiqui Indians

Name, Language

  • Alternate spellings: Cafitaciqui, Coluchike, Cutrafichiqui, Cutifaciqui
  • Pronunciation: ko-fe-ta-CHEE-kee
  • Possible meanings:
  • Language family: Muskogean or Siouan

Current Status

SC Location, Territory

  • Traditional: Central South Carolina, in what is today known as the Piedmont, between the Altahah River and Santee River. Their principle town was named Talimico, which is Muskeogean for chief town. It was located about 10 miles north of where the Wateree River flowed into the Santee River.

Population Estimates

  • 1670: 4000

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  • In 1540, the Cofitachiqui were one of the most powerful and highly civilized tribes in the southeastern United States as was documented by de Soto's expedition and his interaction with the Queen of the Cofitachqui.

  • In 1671-1672, the Cofitachiqui were at war with the English.

  • In 1685, the tribe came to a sudden and unexplained end. It is likely that they joined the Catawba.

Alternate History

  • Opinions differ on the ethnic origin and language spoken by the Cofitachiqui. If the Cofitachiqui spoke Siouan, then they may have been a Santee Indian tribe with their village on the Santee River.


  • Their huts were covered with woven cane mats.
  • Their temple was very large, approximately 250 feer long and 100 feet wide with a pitched roof. It was decorated inside and out with shells and pearls.


  • Farming –
  • Fishing –
  • Hunting –

Beliefs and Practices

  • Former chiefs and relatives were placed in the temple in wooden vaults. Most other southeastern tribes buried their dead.

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