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Feature Your SC Green Building Company Here What makes a building green? A green building consumes less energy, water, and natural resources. It creates less waste when built and is healthier for its inhabitants than a standard building.

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Renovate to Make Your Current Home Green

While some of the more glamorous green building techniques like solar power and wind energy garner plenty of attention, the basics of an airtight and well-insulated house reap real benefits for both your pocketbook and the environment. One of our favorite resources is 45 tips to green any home.

Interested in finding out where you can save energy in your home? Use the Home Energy Saver, an online tool that calculates your energy use and highlights savings opportunities within your home.

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  • Selecting energy-efficient windows in SC - PDF - technical info on window efficiency

How to Build or Buy a Green Home

When purchasing a new home, consider going with an energy-efficient house. Achieving a building standard (such as LEED or Energy Star) will not only save you money on your utilities bill, but will also add to the quality of the house, consequently adding to its value. The SC Energy Office provides this guide to understanding sustainable ratings and certifications in SC - PDF

Another important aspect to consider when building a green home is the use of local and regional materials as much as possible. The LEED certification process requires that all materials come from within a 500 miles radius from the building site. This is good news for South Carolina businesses, as the push to build green would benefit our state economy.

For more technical information on green building techniques, the Southface Institute in Atlanta has an extensive library of factsheets and technical bulletins that go into detail about each aspect of your home, and how to make them more sustainable. Most of their info is specific to the Southeast, so is useful to SC residents.

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