Spring surrounds the Peachoid, Gaffney's famous roadside attraction. Built in 1981 over a period of five months, the iconic water tower features a cleft, a stem, and a seven-ton leaf! It holds one million gallons of water and can be seen while driving along I-85, between exits 90 and 92.

The Gaffney Peachoid
© Rodger Painter of Gaffney

Built to highlight the region's prime crop, the Peachoid's colors are meant to reflect the varieties of peaches grown in the area. After the basic colors were applied to the tower's various parts, artist Peter Freudenberg used 50 gallons of paint and more than 20 colors to achieve the desired effect.

With summer just around the corner, it is a great time to learn more about South Carolina's state fruit – the peach!

Many, many thanks to Rodger Painter of Gaffney who submitted this picture.

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Come-See-Me Festival
Rock Hill – April 7-16, 2011

April is the perfect month to enjoy Glencairn Garden's 3,500 azaleas – just "hop" on over to the Come-See-Me Festival! Here you can enjoy lunch and a concert, grab a funnel cake, enter your favorite frog in the Mayor's Frog Jumping Contest, or attend a Teddy Bear Tea Party. There will also be a parade, fireworks, carnival, fun run, beach bash, tennis tournament, charity ball, and plenty of live music.

Fun fact: Vernon Grant, creator of Kellogg's "Snap, Crackle, and Pop," was one of the original founders of the Come-See-Me Festival and designed its adorable mascot, Glen the Frog!

Indie Grits Film Festival
Columbia – April 13-17, 2011

Adding Southern flavor to celluloid, the Indie Grits Film Festival brings together a series of low-budget films from South Carolina, as well as other neighboring Southern states like North Carolina and Georgia. The festival spans five days and features over 40 films. The festival director, Andy Smith, aims to give experienced and new media-makers a place "to come together and share their interest in independent media production."

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