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South Carolina SC Picture Project Matt Trudeau

Matt Trudeau: A Talented Addition to Our State ...

The enduring popularity of the Waccamaw Neck and Grand Strand keeps us in search of great photos to go with the fascinating history of the area. Fortunately for us, Matt Trudeau of Murrells Inlet has been contributing his work to the South Carolina Picture Project for years. His spectacular images, taken from beloved sites such as Brookgreen Gardens and the Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk, give us a visual vacation to these timeless destinations.

Originally from the state of New York, Matt developed his talents as a photographer in the salt marshes of South Carolina. For those in search of a scenic escape to waters awash with plantation history, pirate lore, and – of course – local seafood, visit Matt's photos within the South Carolina Picture Project. Before long, you just might find yourself taking the day off and driving up US Highway 17.

Matt in His Own Words ...

ME IN MY OWN WORDS:  I am a husband and father of two kids, a 14 year-old daughter and 12 year-old son. I am a full-time Ford mechanic and part-time photographer. Just a simple guy.

MY HOMETOWN:  Wappingers Falls, NY

ALMA MATER:  Two-year degree from Alfred State College in New York

A RANDOM FACT:  I am very shy

SECOND PRETTIEST STATE IN THE UNION:  I have to say my home state of New York; it's more than just a city

ONE THING I WANT TO DO IN MY LIFE:  Travel the country with my wife

WHAT I BELIEVE:  God is alive

IF I WON THE LOTTERY, I'D:  Help family and friends

PLACE I'D MOST LOVE TO TRAVEL:  Anywhere in this beautiful country

PERSON I ADMIRE MOST:  My elders, they have been here longer than me

WHAT I LOVE:  Spending time with my family, relaxing on the back deck and of course, photography

A SOUTH CAROLINA SMELL I LOVE:  The ocean breeze on a summer night

IF I HAD A TIME-MACHINE, I WOULD:  Go into photography full-time

MOST HILARIOUS SC LANDMARK:  Pedro at South of the Border

MY SC "CLAIM TO FAME":  I guess my photography as it really took off here, thanks to all the beautiful areas in this state

ONE THING I MISS:  The mountains; the beach is nice but I love the mountains

PLACE IN SC I WANT TO PROTECT:  The beautiful estuaries near Murrells Inlet

FAVORITE SPOT IN SOUTH CAROLINA:  I love Murrells Inlet, it's so calm and enjoyable

FAVORITE SC SMALL TOWN:  I don't really have one

FAVORITE SC PLANT:  The azaleas are amazing here in the spring

FAVORITE SC ANIMAL:  I love the wildlife near the water – egrets, herons, eagles – just too many to name

FAVORITE BOOKS:  I'm not much of a reader

FAVORITE MOVIE:  Days of Thunder

3 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY:  Family, getting that "wow" photo, relaxation

MY DREAM CAR:  Probably a Ferrari

A SOUND I LOVE:  A babbling brook

A SMELL I LOVE:  Fresh cut grass

A GUILTY PLEASURE:  Eating, I love to eat


MY TRUE LOVES:  My wife and kids

MATT'S PHOTOS:  SC Picture Project |

CONTACT MATT:  You can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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