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Thank You For The Encouraging Words

Thank you to everyone who has offered support, financial or otherwise. Your belief in the South Carolina Picture Project matters more than you can know, and we owe every bit of the progress we've made to you. Most of all, your words of kindness and encouragement boost our spirits infinitely. Please keep spreading the message, and please keep the good ideas coming. We value your efforts immensely!

Here is a sampling of the outpouring of support and encouragement for the SC Picture Project.

This is a valuable resource for historians. The articles are well written and contain maps with GPS coordinates to help you locate the project sites. Thank you for this wonderful resource for saving our South Carolina history.
Tensie Limehouse-Campbell

So many places that I loved and knew as a child are gone forever, destroyed by fire, hurricanes, vandalism, neglect and so called "progress." The older I grow, the more aware I am of the continuity between the past, the present and the future. Help preserve this important pictorial history for future generations. Encourage your friends who love SC history to join the SC Picture Project.
Catherine Porter Tupper

I love the site and truly hope it will continue. I often tell people its the "Google of SC." Thanks for all you do.
Benton Henry

A wonderful asset for South Carolina.
Dale Paula Posner

I enjoy reading about our state and seeing the picture contributions. I have learned current and historic information. Thank you all.
Melinda Richardson

The best educational aid for today and the future!!
Rebecca Putnam

Love this project and the people involved!
Toni Reale

I enjoy the rich history of South Carolina and what the SC Picture Project does to preserve it with documentation and beautiful photography.
Joel Carter

The SC Picture Project is too valuable a resource to let go.
Vanessa Kauffmann

It is not only the pictures and history that is so important on this site but also the way we make connections with each other and learn from each other.
Karen VanHaagen Campbell

It would be a huge inspiration loss and resource loss not have the SC Picture Project. I attended a talk by J Henry Fair Photography and he hit the nail on the head talking about how these days people are appreciating less and less our culture, arts, and history. "Once it's gone, it's gone." We all need these pictures and documentation :)
Diana Booth

The SC Picture Project is my go to source when I need a pick me up. It brings me so much joy. I have learned about so many wonderful places to explore.
Jenny Welch

I look forward to seeing the new postings on this site everyday and enjoy sharing photographs with others about our great state.
Paula Canine

Thank you for all of the hard work! I greatly enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Matt Lowery

Thanks for all you do to preserve South Carolina history!
Judy Lennon

Keep up the great work. We can't let this project die. Thanks to everyone who has had a part.
Tom Watkins

I've enjoyed the photos and reading about so many different places I've never heard of around the state. :)
Nikki French Smith

I love the SC Picture Project!
Maria Richardson

Good people. Good work.
Susan Kammeraad-Campbell

I love the work you do and I hope you can continue doing it!
Robert Wilson

The SC Picture Project has grown into such a wonderful resource.
Shayna Howell

I always look forward to seeing the photos in the South Carolina Picture Project.
Kathey Loefstedt

We've gotten lots of ideas for our motorcycle trips with the SC Picture Project. Keep up the good work.
Frank and Sue Jarvis

You're an inspiration to the rest of us that are trying to preserve SC history!
Gretchen Huggins

I enjoy all of your beautiful photos but also the history behind the images. Thank you all.
Suzanne Kennedy

I really enjoyed posting with the SC Picture Project. I also like seeing some great photography and history unfold.
Peter Krenn

Love the SC Picture Project! :)
Susan Milliken

The SC Picture Project is very important in documenting and preserving the state's history.
English Purcell

I can't wait to see more beautiful photos.
A. Thomas Price

This site is a great for those who love South Carolina history.
Homer M. Pace III

I appreciate your efforts to preserve history of South Carolina.
Carol Mciver

Wonderful site!
Leonard Vaughan

Hoping and praying for the best for this wonderful organization!
Andy Hunter

Ok ya'll, let's be creative in our efforts to share history through pictures in SC!!
Rebecca Putnam

Thank you for preserving historic images of Lowcountry life.
Mae Gentry

Thanks to all of you for your efforts, time, and talents in this worthy project.
Macky Hill

Yup, great educational history tool!!
Rebecca Putnam

Happy to support this project!
Cheri Passey

Keep up the great work guys!
Preston Eanes

Great project. Hope it keeps going.
Joan Barnes

We wish you all the best with this wonderful project that we have enjoyed so very much.
Dianne Coleman

I enjoy this site very much.
Martha Anderson

This is an amazing project.
Roger Russ

I love this site and I was looking forward to coming home and scouring Lee County for photo ops. I am confidant that universe will look favorably on this project.
Angela D Simon

Go SC Picture Project!!!!!!
Harry Howle

This is a very worthwhile project run by talented, exceptional people.
Darren Mullinax

I enjoy sharing the most beautiful places and things of my South Carolina. Historical when possible but always a Lowcountry adventure through the camera.
Scot D McLauchlin

Thank you for saving the South Carolina Picture Project!
Lorin Browning

I look forward to seeing your progress for years to come.
Christy Staton

We're glad that the SC Picture Project is alive!
Herbert Blitch

Laura Morris

I don't want this site to go away!!!
Debbie Britt Tackett

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