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South Carolina SC Picture Project Larry Gleason

Meet Larry ...


FAMILY:  Lynn (wife of 24 years and counting) and 2 sons (both of whom are married to nurses)

LARRY'S PHOTOS:  SC Picture Project | Flickr

CONTACT LARRY:  You can contact me at larryesm [at]

The Man Behind the Lens ...

After serving in the military, Larry made Aiken his home in 1978 and has been enjoying digital photography since his retirement in 2002. He refers to himself as a "utility photographer" because he never knows where or what he will be asked to photograph. Despite being a newcomer to the photography industry, Larry has managed to stay busy shooting several types of events for various organizations, accepting assignments for magazines and other publications, and supporting a commercial aerial photography business.

Larry is a straight-shooter with one of the most generous hearts in the Palmetto State. He's also an exceptional photographer. We especially admire his ability to create photos that are crisp and colorful – but also honest. With the spread of PhotoShop and other editing software, many photographers now enhance their photos to make scenes look brighter or more magical. Larry is able to capture the brillance of a place as it truly appears. He is a disciplined and talented photographer who relies on patience, hard work, and skill.

In fact, Larry's motto might easily be "Have Camera, Will Travel." He rises daily to photograph his hometown of Aiken, and his weekend jaunts – with friend and fellow SC Picture Project contributor Dr. Pat Paxton – lead him to some of South Carolina's most important but unpreserved places. Larry always shares these photos with the people of South Carolina, and in this way he has documented some of the most sacred and endangered places in our state. We at SCIWAY are happy and honored to consider Larry a friend.

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