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Gazie in Her Own Words ...

HOMETOWN:  Born in the Midwest, my husband and I have lived in the Southeast since 1993 and currently reside in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

HOW MY CRAFT EVOLVED:  Without having a formal art education, I inherited my creativity and ingenuity from both my parents. Years of drawing, painting, and developing a good eye for photography have been strengthened through the art of listening, observing, researching; critiquing by the best experts in the industry; and of course lots of practice.

My serious interest in digital photography began in early 2004 after persuading an employer (an historic house museum) to allow me to photograph and sell prints to paying house guests. This was a great education for me. I learned about local prominent families, their historic townhouses and plantations, and I worked alongside the fine furniture pieces they owned.

Photography interests later led to less-traveled areas where I found good sources for different and unusual subjects. I enjoy the artistic end of processing photos to meet the challenges of competition. I believe historic subjects warrant the best possible representation for future reference. The Lowcountry area is a blank canvas waiting to be painted and photographed. At times, not often, I still paint on canvas. Favorite photography subjects are oak avenues, which I continue to photograph and compile for reference. Someday I hope to publish a book to show off their magnificence and share some history on their locations.

I enjoy my solitude in travel and photography. It brings me into another world of sight, sound, and smell. What better classroom than teachings from Nature?

WORK & HOBBIES:  I studied business in college and immediately after worked for an employment agency, then a bonding insurance company, a legal firm, and finished with a 15-year career at a water management company in the Midwest as Communications Assistant and a training coordinator. In the Carolinas, jobs ranged from a hardware store to clothing retail. My longest tenure – six years – was as a Charleston historic house guide. Since that time, I have exhibited in galleries and shows, and I maintain memberships in two artist guilds. Though some define my efforts as "professional," I consider art my hobby. Previous hobbies include building simple bird houses to larger wood structures, garden and lawn ornaments, and faux painting.

I am very methodical, which can work for or against me. I have always drawn up plans for projects, including my photography travel routes. I think this stems from my father, a mason and an attorney, who used a lot of thought in his preparations. Preplanning makes a difference. However, it doesn't necessarily mean things will turn out perfectly.

SHINING MOMENTS:  Satisfying moments come from the completion of a project that makes me feel good. I built a large deck incuding railings and steps – a huge undertaking. The two Adirondack chairs I built are still in use today. I now do more in the field of art and am happy to have pieces in juried exhibits, and even happier when an award ribbon is attached. To have someone recognize one's talent is definitely momentous. Doing what I enjoy keeps my passion strong. When passion shows in your work, others will recognize it.

FAVORITE QUOTE:  "Give credit where credit is due." I had a boss who firmly believed in this practice. He sent individuals personal thank-you notes showing his appreciation for their efforts. It didn't matter what level they were at, he treated everyone equally. He'd copy bosses and top management and always publicly thanked anyone who was involved. I think it is important to notice and to thank others as it helps build healthier relationships.

CAMERA & EQUIPMENT:  I began with a Minolta film camera with various lenses but soon determined that interchangeable lenses were not for me. I am a minimalist traveler. I don't even carry a purse if I can help it! I later bought a Minolta point-and-shoot, followed by a Canon film point-and-shoot in the 1990s, and graduated to a larger SLR-sized Panasonic (point-and-shoot) with an add-on telephoto lens. I stuck with Panasonic for many years for its lens quality. I bought a Panasonic LX-7 which came in handy for low-light photos. Now my camera of choice is the Canon EOS 70D with an everyday lens ranging 16mm to 300mm. My current editing programs include PS Elements 11, Lightroom 5, and selected Topaz Labs.

Where to Find Gazie ...

GAZIE'S PHOTOS:  SC Picture Project | Gazie Nagle Photography, Across the Lowcountry | Gazie's Gallery on FineArtAmerica |Gazie Nagle Photography

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