Need to Book Extra Hotel Rooms?

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How to Reserve 2-9 Rooms

If you need fewer than nine rooms, we always recommend booking each one separately. Many South Carolina hotels require this, and it also has three major advantages for you.

  1. You can reserve different types of rooms.
  2. You can change or cancel your reservations more easily.
  3. You can earn our cash back rewards much more quickly!
It's a good idea to use a different guest name for each reservation – or to vary one name slightly (John Jones, J. Jones, John B. Jones, etc.).

All our telephone agents live in South Carolina, so if you need help any help at all, just call us!
  • 800-916-1392 (toll free number for US and Canada)

How to Reserve 10+ Rooms

To reserve 10 or more rooms, please visit our South Carolina Group Hotel Rates page.

We promise that using this simple method to make group reservations will save you money and time.

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