The South Carolina Picture Project – How to Add Your Image

South Carolina SC Picture Project How to Add Your Picture Please note: If you'd like to submit more than 5 photos, please send them by Dropbox, We Transfer, Google Drive, or flash drive. Our email address is

Submission Guidelines

When you contribute a picture to SCIWAY, you will receive full credit (including a link if desired), and you will also retain ownership of your image.

Each SC Picture Project page takes us a good bit of time to create. Since we are a small team, please have pity on us and be patient! If we are able to add your photo, we will send you an email with the address. This process can take up to three weeks, as we receive a large number of submissions.

To be considered, please make sure your image meets these four requirements:
  1. The picture must truly say "South Carolina." Generic scenes – such as wildlife and flower photos – or close-ups of people may not be added.

  2. The picture should not be overly "Photoshopped." Our goal is to document South Carolina as it is, so if a photo has been heavily edited, we will not be able to add it.

  3. Images should be sent at their highest resolution, and they must be at least 1,200 pixels wide.

    Note: If your images are too large to upload with this form, you can also send a them, along with a copy of this release, to You are welcome to send We Transfer, DropBox, or Google Drive invitations to this address as well.

  4. Images may not include digital date stamps, copyright notices, borders, vignettes, or watermarks.

Image Submission Form

[ * = Indicates a required field ]

I, * , certify that I own the image below, and that I grant SCIWAY permanent, non-exclusive rights to display the image on the Internet. I retain ownership of the image.

I understand that when a large version of my picture is displayed on SCIWAY, it will be accompanied by a credit that identifies me and, if I wish, a link to my website. (SCIWAY is happy to link to both professional and personal websites as long as they are suitable for children.)

I also understand that SCIWAY reserves the right to decide what images it will display, how the images will be used, where on SCIWAY the images will appear, and whether the image needs to be altered in any way.

* Your hometown:

* Your email address:

  Your website, if desired (professional or personal):

* Location of picture (street address or coordinates helpful!):

* Date taken or made:

* Description – Please share the story behind this image. Need inspiration? Here are some examples:
  • What is the history of this landmark?
  • Why is this place special to you?
  • Do you have memories of it as a child?
  • Who were you with when you took it?
  • What do you remember about the day?
  • If this is artwork, what made you want to create it?

* Upload your image (16MB limit; jpg, gif, png files only):

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