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The historic Lower Long Cane Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, constructed in 1856, is located in McCormick County, just four miles outside the small town of Troy. The history of this church originates with a congregation of Scots-Irish settlers who arrived in New York from Billibay, Ireland in 1764. They were led by Dr. Thomas Clark, a graduate of Glasgow University and former pupil of Pastor Ebenezer Erskine, for whom Erskine College is named.

Lower Long Cane Church

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When the group arrived in New York, some members split off and headed south, eventually arriving in what was known then as Abbeville County. The rest stayed and settled in upstate New York. Dr. Clark visited his Southern flock in 1779 and formally organized them as the congregation of Long Cane that same year.

Lower Long Cane Presbyterian Church

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Dr. Clark returned to his congregation in New York, but eventually came back to Lower Long Cane in 1786 and stayed until his death in 1791. He ministered to his followers both as pastor and physician, and he was remembered as a beloved and respected leader.

Services in the church’s early days were held under two large oak trees where a large wooden board served as a shelf for the Bible. This tradition came from the days of religious persecution in Scotland when a man could be arrested and his belongings seized if he was caught praying in his home.

Lower Long Cane Presbyterian was lucky to have two ministers who each served at least 40 years – Dr. H.T. Sloan, who served from 1850 to 1890, and Reverend R.F. Bradley, who took over for Sloan in 1891. Reverend Sloan was responsible for starting other A.R.P. churches in the area after the Civil War, including Troy A.R.P. Church. Continued westward migration ultimately diminished the congregation’s size, but it has been said that the congregation’s descendants ended up in all of the Southern and Western states.

The Southern movement of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church began in this church and currently has over 40,000 members in over 250 churches.

Lower Long Cane is listed in the National Register, which describes it as follows:

The Lower Long Cane Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and Cemetery is associated with early settlement in the colonial and Revolutionary-era South Carolina backcountry and with the nineteenth-century establishment, decline, and revitalization of not only a single congregation, but also of the entire Associate Reformed Presbyterian denomination as a separate sect in the Presbyterian tradition.

Its sanctuary, designed by William Henry Jones of Atlanta and dedicated in 1856, is an outstanding example of the Greek Revival style as applied to the simple meeting house form, while its cemetery of more than 500 graves includes burials of several charter members of Long Cane Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church from the period 1790-1856, when this church was exceptionally significant in the formation, growth, and development of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church as a whole.

The church rests on a foundation of handmade brick piers, with a pierced brick curtain wall added at a later date. The fa├žade features a fully engaged tetrastyle Roman Doric portico with an unadorned entablature and a steeply pitched pediment. Originally covered in wooden shingles, the roof was by ca. 1950 covered with diamond-shaped asbestos shingles. A small brick flue pierces the roof ridge at the center of the building. The interior auditorium is two stories in height with flushboard walls and ceiling. The gallery features a continuously paneled knee wall, ranked wooden floors, and simple handmade pews.

Lower Long Cane Presbyterian Church Info

Address: Long Cane Road, Troy, SC 29848
Website: http://www.longcanearp.org/

Lower Long Cane Presbyterian Church Map

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2 Comments about Lower Long Cane Presbyterian Church

Robert S. DavisNo Gravatar says:
September 24th, 2014 at 3:53 pm

How far back do the church’s records go? I am researching the famous John Lewis Gervais. His mill and maybe his first home were on the east side of Long Cane Creek, almost in sight of the church. Any thoughts are appreciated.

David NesbittNo Gravatar says:
January 28th, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Cahans Project, Co Monaghan, Ireland, wants a link with Long Cane Church; 2014 is the 250th anniversary of the 1764 ‘Cahans Exodus’ – see Cahans Project website. Is anyone out there?


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