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Georgetown Mural

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Georgetown Mural

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This mural of Georgetown is painted on an industrial warehouse building off of US 17. You can see it as you drive over the Sylvan Rosen Bridge into Georgetown.

The building is a located in the heart of Georgetown’s industrial district. The ArcelorMittal Steel Mill sits right next to it, and the International Paper Mill and the Winyah Steam Generation Plant are directly across the street.

These industries are at the heart of Georgetown’s economy and are very important to our state. The steel mill is considered one of the most efficient mini-mills in the world. It produces a million tons of liquid steel and 750,000 tons of wire rod annually, and is the only domestic producer of steel used in radial tires.

The International Paper Mill is one of the country’s largest, and produces an impressive 632,000 tons of paper product per year. It also is Georgetown County’s second largest private employer with 700 workers.

The Winyah Steam Generation Plant, built in 1975, provides power directly or indirectly to over 1.8 million SC residents, making it an important part of our state’s infrastructure and future.

Santee Cooper, who owns the steam generation plant, has initiated an ongoing study of wind energy in Georgetown. They have formed the Palmetto Wind Research Project to determine if there is enough offshore wind to build a wind farm off South Carolina’s coast. It is projected that 11,000 jobs could be created in the future if SC embraces wind technology, which would significantly boost Georgetown and our state’s economy.

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