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Dave Potter Signature

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Dave Potter Signature

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This jar features the signature of its maker, Dave. Dave was among the relatively few literate slaves in South Carolina, and he used his skills to not only sign and date his work, but occasionally to inscribe larger pieces with rhymes or poetry. This piece was made on August 15, 1857. The initials “Lm,” which references one of Dave’s owners, Lewis Miles, are written just before the date.

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One Comment about Dave Potter Signature

Andrew HuddlestonNo Gravatar says:
August 19th, 2013 at 6:02 pm

I’m curious as to the development of stoneware in SC. Where did Dave the slave acquire his stoneware clay? I assume it was hand dug. Also, where is the site and particulars of his production? Thank you, Andrew Huddleston


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