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Ten Governors Mural

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Ten Governors Mural

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This large mural, located near the town square, pays homage to South Carolina’s ten governors and five lieutenant governors to hail from Edgefield. Several prominent United States Senators and Congressmen also came from this county, including Preston Brooks, who achieved notoriety by beating abolitionist Charles Sumner with his cane on the Senate floor.

Governors elected from Edgefield include Strom Thurmond and “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman.

The mural also depicts a quotation by William Watts Ball, author of 1932’s The State that Forgot: South Carolina’s Surrender to Democracy, which reads:

Edgefield has had more dashing, brilliant, romantic figures, statesmen, orators, soldiers, adventurers, and daredevils than any other county of South Carolina, if not any rural county of America.

Given the rich history of Edgefield, this is probably a pretty fair statement.

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