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Half Moon LEED Warehouse

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Half Moon LEED Warehouse

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The Half-Moon Outfitters warehouse on East Montague in North Charleston is our state’s first LEED Platinum building. It provides a positive example of green techniques for area businesses and residents. As a renovated transmission shop, many materials were reused or recycled, cutting down on the environmental impact of construction.

Outside, the LEED Platinum building features native landscaping, which cuts down water usage. The roof houses an array of solar panels, which helps reduce electrical consumption. Additionally, the flat roof collects rainwater, which is then used to flush pipes in the restrooms. The building’s facade has many windows, enhancing the interior with natural light.

On the inside, salvaged wood and construction materials were used for the majority of the structures. The HVAC system is high-efficiency and keeps the building at a stable temperature with very little energy. All lighting is energy-efficient. Finally, all paints and adhesives used are low-VOC, contributing to exceptional indoor air quality.

Visit the South Carolina Green Building Guide or the official website of Half-Moon Outfitters here .

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