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SeeWee Restaurant

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SeeWee Restaurant

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The SeeWee Restaurant has been a staple within the Awendaw community for more than 10 years. SeeWee is owned by Mary Rancourt and operated by her son Kurt Penninger, who serve up fresh local seafood and down-home cooking seven days a week.

Before it was a transformed into a restaurant, the building was a general store in the early 1920s. Mary Rancourt bought it during the 1960s and continued to run the general store for many more years. Her family eventually decided to head in a different direction, and the SeeWee Restaurant opened its doors in 1993.

It was important to Mary and Kurt to maintain the local, folksy atmosphere of the building during the transition from general store to restaurant. They kept the original shelving, painted floors, wall paneling, and red tin roof. The bathrooms are even outhouse style, located outside and to the left of the front door!

The place where the SeeWee Restaurant is located used to be the home of the Wappetaw Independent Congregational Church. Even though the church is gone, there are still historic markers directly behind the restaurant.

The SeeWee Restaurant is located right off of US 17 on the corner of 15 Mile Landing road. If you are planning to eat there, you better go early because it is not just a local secret anymore – the restaurant was in Southern Living magazine as one of the best roadside diners in the Lowcountry!

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