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Awendaw Grocery Store

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Awendaw Grocery Store

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Awendaw is a small, rural town located between McClellanville and Mount Pleasant. This former grocery store, off of US 17, is long out-of-business.

Awendaw has very few small businesses. There’s no traditional business district or “Main Street”. Many “for rent” signs, broken windows, or vacant buildings are littered throughout the city limits.

Town leaders are interested in attracting small businesses to the area, so that residents do not have to drive elsewhere for basic services such grocery shopping, banking and going to the doctor. At the present time, Awendaw residents who have transportation drive to Mount Pleasant or Georgetown to run errands.

Some town leaders feel if more affluent coastal development takes place in Awendaw, the whole town will reap the benefits of a larger, wealthier tax base. The town could provide more services even for its poorer residents.

These goals of economic growth have stirred controversy among local residents. Many fear that inviting development to the area will ruin its rural character and that the oldest and poorest residents would not be able to afford rising tax rates.

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2 Comments about Awendaw Grocery Store

Carol RogersNo Gravatar says:
February 23rd, 2015 at 9:57 am

looking for Green Family Farms, Highway 7 or 17, Old Georgetown Highway in Awendaw, Christ Church Parish (Mt Pleasant), Charleston County, SC. Looking for family history of Primus Sr, Primus Jr., William, Abraham, Mary & Silla Green during & after slavery. Can you help me? Would appreciate it very much. Thank you!

Carol RogersNo Gravatar says:
December 25th, 2014 at 8:56 am

I am looking for information about my g-g-grand parents, g-grandparents, g-grandparents & the rest of my family dating back to 1810 and forward. I am from the family of Prince Primus Green, former slave. Mr. Green became a land owner, as did at least 2 of his sons, apparently after slavery. He also became a registered voter. Their official address was Charleston County, and family history shows they were from Mt. Pleasant. US Federal Census records from 1880-1940 show they resided in Christ Church Parish with their farm located on Highway 17 Georgetown Highway…apparently a dairy farm. According to son Abraham’s death record, Primus was born in Awendaw, as was he. Do you know if these farms still exist? I saw there is a Primus Road nearby. Is there any chance there is any connection to my family? All I want is the family history and perhaps their burial places. Can you help me or direct me to where I can get some answers? Unfortunately, I live far away and don’t think a trip there in the near future is possible. I appreciate any assistance offered to me. Thank you.


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