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Angel Oak Johns Island

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Angel Oak Johns Island

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Gary DuBose of Seneca took this shot of the venerable Angel Oak on Johns Island in April 2008.

He writes, “The Angel Oak, located near Charleston, is one of the largest live oaks living in the world. An impressive sight, the spread of its limbs has a diameter of over 160 feet and the tree itself is thought to be almost 1,500 years old. It had been living for 1,000 years before Columbus landed in the New World.”

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One Comment about Angel Oak Johns Island

Rutledge Etheridge JrNo Gravatar says:
October 17th, 2012 at 3:02 am

What a tree, and what a treat!
More than fifty years ago, I was a student at James Island Elementary School, living at nearby Folly Beach. I have not seen Angel Oak since then, but had heard around 1980 (on a trip to Charleston) that someone had bought the land, and sealed it off from visitors. I was heartbroken to hear that!

My introduction to Angel Oak occurred on a fifth-grade field trip. I had never, and still have never, seen anything like that great tree. Somewhere there are pictures of our class scooting up some of the horse-width limbs that rest on the ground and deliver one safely to the heart of that grand creation of God. There could be fifty or sixty of us (classes together) on one limb, and another sixty on another. I am SO glad that the tree is still there, and hope that it is open to the many folks who love that amazing, child-friendly, unforgettable, and venerable part of South Carolina’s charm.


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