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Andy in His Own Words ...

HOMETOWN: I'm a South Carolinian through and through. I was born in Greenwood, raised in North Augusta, educated in Clemson and Columbia, and served for many years as a pastor in Denmark, right smack in the middle of the Lowcountry of our great state!

FAMILY: I am a bit of a rarity among Baptist pastors in that I'm single. My mother and brother live in North Augusta, and my "other" family is the congregation of the First Baptist Church of Denmark.

WORK: I have been on staff at the church for twenty-seven years, including five years as their associate pastor for youth and education, and twenty-two years as their pastor. Because our town is small, and because I have been here so long, I see myself as a country parson who has had the joy of journeying with members from birth through adulthood. In addition to all the tasks that pastors do, I also tend to be the church's tech support guy and photographer.

HOBBIES: I enjoy finding creative uses of technology. I enjoy using my technology, whether my camera, or computer, or both, to encourage people. I help my congregation celebrate life by taking pictures of new babies, anniversary celebrations and special church events. When I officiate a wedding, part of my wedding gift is a simple flash drive with several hundred candid photos from the rehearsal and the wedding day. I enjoy giving someone a gift that you can't get anywhere else.

FAVORITE QUOTE: I don't have one. In Scripture alone there are so many passages that one could choose as a favorite. Christ told his followers that the two greatest things a person can do with life are to love God and to love others. With His help, I seek to do this with my life. As far as a quote that helps me to remember what loving people looks like, I like this one: "Be kind to everyone you meet, for everyone you meet is waging a great battle." It has been attributed to many sources including Ian Maclaren, Plato, and Philo of Alexandria.

FAVORITE PLACES: I enjoy exploring new places, especially the back roads of our state. It's not just about finding a favorite place (our state is so full of great places), but it's also about finding the right time, and the right light. Light makes all the difference (in a photograph and in a person's life). One of my favorite "times" is right before or after sunrise, especially with some fog or mist around. I'm a big fan of "sunbeams" no matter where I find them!

CONTACT ANDY: You can contact me at

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The Man Behind the Lens ...

When the Reverend Andy Hunter is not documenting the beauty he sees in daily life with one of his many cameras, the self-proclaimed "gadget addict" is pastoring his flock at Edgefield First Baptist Church. A proud graduate of Clemson, Andy is not ashamed to say that he also attended the University of South Carolina for graduate school. However, after studying computer science, psychology, and mathematics, Andy felt called to seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has served his world as a "country parson" ever since.

Andy did not hesitate when asked his favorite South Carolina food – shrimp, hands-down. However, when asked his favorite South Carolina place, he balked, citing that it would be too difficult to determine. While attending Clemson, he loved being able to look at the mountains of Pickens County and is still enthralled with the beauty of the Blue Ridge. His joy is exploring the back roads of the Palmetto State, where he often encounters what he calls the unexpected "miracle shot." While recently attending a wedding reception, he discovered Cottontop, a turn-of-the-century homestead and event site in the Orangeburg County community of Norway. Andy says he never gets tired of passing through and photographing Cottontop, whether it is it blanketed in sunflowers or snow.

If you were to hear Andy's voice, you might recognize it from his radio-broadcast sermons on Orangeburg station 100.3, which can be heard from Lexington to parts of the Lowcountry. If you have not had the privilege of hearing Andy preach, you can admire his photography here on the South Carolina Picture Project. Always traveling the state, exploring the back roads and meeting diverse people along the way, Andy has contributed countless photos and stories from each corner of South Carolina. We look forward to featuring more work from Andy Hunter, whose spirit is as beautiful and enchanting as his photos.

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