Banner Ads – SCIWAY Specifications

Available Ad Sizes

  • IAB Leaderboard Banner – 728 x 90 pixels

  • IAB Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250 pixels

Acceptable File Types

  • GIF, JPG, PNG, and SWF

Flash and Animated GIF Specifications

  • Image ads must be served by SCIWAY.

  • File Size: 50K max

  • Animation: 15 seconds max or 3 loops

  • Frame Rate: 18 frames per second max

  • No Audio, Video, or Expandable ads are allowed.

  • We highly recommend your ad feature a non-white background so that it will "pop" on the page.

  • If your ad has a light-colored background, it must be surrounded by a one-pixel border of a darker color. Please incorporate this border into your design and overall dimensions.

  • If you are using Flash, a backup GIF must also be provided for non-flash users and mobile devices (50K max).

  • If you are using Flash, you must code your destination URL into your file. The link cannot open in a pop-up window.

  • If you are using Flash, SCIWAY will not be not able to track your click-through rates. Adobe has created a click-tracking method for Flash ads. You can learn about it at the Rich Media Advertising Resource Center.

  • Once the file is received, we will have your banner online within 3 working days. We reserve the right to deny any artwork and to request changes.

  • For more information, please contact Robin at or 843-795-3951.

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