New Bordeaux, South Carolina – History

South Carolina SC Lost Places New Bordeaux Located in present-day McCormick County, New Bordeaux was the last of seven French Huguenot colonies founded in South Carolina. The colony was settled in 1764 by a group of French Huguenots led by Jean Louis Gibert. Gibert and his followers fled their village in Bordeaux, France in search of religious freedom and upon arrival quickly established a church along the banks of Long Cane Creek.

The French settlers brought with them the European model of agriculture. They planted fruit trees, olive gardens, established several vineyards, and began producing both white and red wines on a modest scale. The village thrived in the 1760s and early 1770s, but the Revolutionary War proved devastating to their economy and New Bordeaux soon faded out of existence.

New Bordeaux History

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